30-Day Training Challenge for 3GS Patrons

Starting Monday June 3rd the 3-Gun Show Patrons will be kicking off a 30-day challenge to improve in several areas of life that will result in improved match performance.

A rough overview of the areas in which we will venture to improve ourselves:

1 Nutrition incl Hydration (cleaner eating, no soda or alcohol)

2 Exercise (bodyweight, sprints, weightlifting, etc)

3 Sport-specific training (shooting! [duh] dry fire, etc)

4 Education (get a good non-fiction book. Go here: amazon.com/shop/3gunshow and click on books for suggestions) 

5 Sleep

This is a benefit of being a supporter of The 3-Gun Show via Patreon. 
3GS Patrons ensure that I can continue to provide great content for the 3-Gun community and I want to help them achieve their goals.

If you want to join in and work to improve yourself over the next 30 days make sure to join, www.patreon.com/3gunshow and be ready for details this Sunday evening.

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