275: Guide To Shotgun Chokes for 3-Gun

A choke tube is such a simple little device- merely a tube with a constriction of only a few thousandths of an inch. But knowing how to properly use the chokes in your range bag can save you a ton of time on a 3-Gun stage and not knowing could rack up a lot of penalties for targets left standing.

Adam Maxwell is back on the show and we present to you the complete guide to shotgun chokes starting from the origin of chokes, a technical explanation of what happens as your shot passes through a choke and several ways to pattern your chokes.

Then we get into testing your chokes to find what works for your gun and your chosen load to decide how precise or sloppy you can be with your aiming based on your pattern, several rules of thumb for selecting chokes and a description of how to tell them apart. 

Plus… What to do about slugs…

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to AMax for bringing an awesome talk to the show!

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