302: What You Need To Shoot Open! And What You Don’t…

So after years of success in Tac Ops or Limited, you’re thinking of switching to Open Division and you don’t know where to start. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an Open Champion that you could get advice from?

That’s exactly where Forest Lathrop is right now so we enlisted multi-Champion Scott Greene to give all of us the insider information on what it really takes to be successful in Open Division.

From packing and flying with Open gear to driving to matches. Minimum Shotgun load outs, Rifle must-haves and some minor controversies on where to place your dots on the pistol, Scott has a very pragmatic approach to shooting and it spreads out into Open Division as well. Plus we cover the nice-to-haves, some best practices for storing and handling your gear and everything in between.

If you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you may remember the “Breaking Open” series when Scott was first making the jump to the full race division:

Breaking Open Part 1

Breaking Open Part 2

After three years and two IPSC World Shoots in the Division, Scott has some things figured out and we learn them all in this episode of The 3-Gun Show.

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