2021 Generation III Gun Championship Scores

It is no secret that the Generation III Gun Championship is one of our favorite matches of the year because it combines skill-based stages with lots of shooting and supports a great cause – the next generation of competitors.
Many of those juniors finish high in the standings and go on to dominate for years.

The 2021 match had 127 competitors; 92 in Tac Scope, 28 in Open and 7 in Irons.

Tac was a tight race for top 3 with first and second place separated by just .71% and third place only 1.65% behind second! Irons had a Junior in first place with his next closest competitor 8.53% behind. Open saw several new faces and just over 5% between first and second.

The stages, staff and match atmosphere were top notch and the Junior-led team shoot off before awards continues to be a highlight!

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