303: Audience Feedback with Dave

Finishing up on the Q&A we started two episodes ago, Dave answers your pressing questions from Instagram. After that we discuss some of the major feedback that we got on the proposed New 3-Gun Gear Changes for the Big-3 divisions. Whether you agree or disagree, find out what your fellow shooters think in this episode of The 3-Gun Show.

Audience Questions:

Carlvolt: Will you be man enough to show up to the IPSC PCC World Shoot next year?

Lol at man enough & PCC in the same question. 🙂

I do want to shoot a World Shoot, most likely Rifle so PCC would be a good goal. 

Honestly I have no idea what it takes to get a slot at a world shoot. Hopefully with the new leadership at USPSA it will be more readily apparent how that works.

Kitsmiller_3Gun: Are we gonna shoot for Multigun unification under new USPSA presidency?

Wow. I’m open to it.

Honestly when Foley came in I was optimistic because this was a guy that claimed he had personally shot 3-Gun outside USPSA. Turned out to be lip service, so we’ll see.

Carracer36: Yay or nay, gear carts at the range? (Nay)

I still say “nay”. I’m 41 and still carry my gear from stage to stage. But I get it and I no longer fault anyone for a cart. Except when it’s windy, then I don’t understand the cart thing. I prefer to keep my guns covered.

3gungeek: Will 3gun get some uspsa level drama?

Unfortunately yes, see

I don’t want to see drama, I would like to see us all come together and be a better community, one that is here for the love of the game.


We address the comments from Episode 300 where we talked about new 3-Gun gear divisions.

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