Update: Fantasy 3-Gun League

We’ve had several developments in the Fantasy 3-Gun League including new prizes!
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The game closes on Wednesday the 20th. Don’t wait until the last minute!

52 people are currently signed up. Our 20 person gate triggered within a day of the announcement which unlocked the prize of a Magazine Match Pack from Atlas Gunworks. Of course we reached our 40 player gate which unlocked a $500 MSRP Gift Cert toward the scope of your choice at Vortex Optics! We need only 8 more to trigger the third gate of 60 which allows us to give away a firearm from our friends at IWI!

Also, Weber Tactical reached out to put a prize package worth $250 on the line and LAG Tactical is providing $250 cert to the highest score in each Tac & Open!

Thank you to these fantastic Industry Partners!

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