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The 3-Gun Show Match Checklist


Being prepared for a match is a large part of success in the game. With your own 3-Gun Show Match Checklist you will be a step ahead by ensuring that you bring every piece of equipment you need to the match.

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Zero Target


A good rifle performance starts with a good zero. Listener Bill Carmickle created this 3-Gun Zero Target for himself and wanted to share it with The 3-Gun Show community. Print a bunch, give them to friends, take them to the range to zero your new blaster with that fancy new scope. And of course, don’t forget them when you travel to confirm zero before a major match. *Be sure to print actual size to ensure correct dimensions*

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Instagram Stage Plan for 3-Gunners

Sure you Instagram from time to time but do you have a plan? Watch  this 30-Minute guide that Sean Burrows put together for you so you can start winning on Instagram for yourself and your sponsors.

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