6: James Casanova of Team Carbon Arms and Element Multigun on competing in competing in 3Gun Nation’s Factory Division


Carbon Arms and Element Multigun shooter, product designer, instructor and all around great guy James Casanova fills our ears with an immense amount of practical advice for new and mid-level shooters from technical aspects of 3-Gun, safety and technique to valuable tips for your first season of 3-Gun and beyond. James also tells us about new products he’s testing and developing and how to get a kickstart into the sport with Element Multigun.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why the 200 yard zero is the ideal zero for point blank hold in 3-Gun.
  • How you can challenge yourself and shoot against James by sucking it up and competing in the Limited/Factory division.
  • Why you should ditch your shotgun barrel/magazine tube clamp
  • How to make every stage a new match by working on your mental game.
  • Why the new 3-Gun Nation Rules for Factory division are a good thing.
  • How to structure your practice to conserve ammo and work on your weaknesses.
  • And more!

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