14: Andy Peterson of Team Black Rain Ordnance and the four major areas of focus to quickly improve your 3-Gun game

Andy Peterson, the 3-Gun Nation 2013 National Club Series Champion joins us on episode 14 of the 3-Gun Show to break down the four categories that he uses to segment and improve his game, training hard to catch the top guys in the sport and his biggest tip for improving rifle accuracy in 3Gun.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why 3-Gun is not a shooting competition but a game of time
  • How to treat the game like a game and leave the tactical tactics out of it
  • Why Andy will shoot Tac Ops until the day he dies
  • The four categories to concentrate on that will make you a better shooter
  • How you can improve your 3-Gun rifle game drastically by spending a little more on match ammo
  • Why Andy has to work harder and put in extra effort to make up ground to catch Keith Garcia and Daniel Horner
  • How you can win a $100 certificate to X-Treme Bullets
  • Plus, learn Andy Peterson’s world domination plan
  • And more!

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