27: Hunter “Nubs” Cayll, The No-Handed Shooter, on why your excuses suck

Born without any hands, Hunter Cayll’s motto is “no excuses” and from our interview you can definitely tell that he practices what he preaches whether it be running Open/Unlimited Class in 3-Gun, dabbling in MMA or putting it all in action at the NubAbility Sports Camp.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need one range bag for batteries and one range bag for mags when you shoot Unlimited Division
  • How not having hands can make your grip on your pistol “a little flip-flopity”
  • Why sometimes taking your 3-Gun practice back to basics is what your game needs
  • When you try to pull one over on Jerry Miculek, he’ll call you on it!
  • Plus, possibly the best parting thought on The 3-Gun Show to date.
  • And more!

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