38: Daniel Horner & Tyler Payne of the Army Marksmanship Unit – Bonus!

What is the key to winning in 3-Gun once you have the fundamental shooting component covered? How can shooting Precision Rifle make you a better 3-Gunner? These questions and more answered on this brief bonus episode. Tyler and Daniel has just finished shooting for the day and before they caught up with the rest of their AMU teammates they took a few minutes to chat about the match and their training. I’ve been hanging onto this bonus episode for a while and it seems like the perfect time to publish it with Daniel’s recent win of his second 3-Gun Nation Pro Championship Title.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How the Army Marksmanship Unit structures their practice
  • Who can bench more, Daniel or Tyler?
  • Why Tyler has made a transition to the Precision Rifle Series
  • The biggest lesson that shooting Precision Rifle will teach you
  • Plus, the drills that the AMU uses to train for explosive movement
  • And more!

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