54: How To Lose $50,000 In One Click with Brian Nelson

An instructor at the Tactical Performance Center, Brian Nelson grew up action shooting and currently everything he does revolves around shooting or tinkering with guns. There is no off time for this guy. Brian breaks down his 2015 season, talks goals for 2016 and has a special giveaway for one lucky winner: a free ride to the Multigun Bootcamp at the TPC taught by Brian, Craig Outzen and Andy Peterson. Listen to find out how to win!

Podcast highlights:

  • How Brian got started in action shooting at 10-years-old
  • Why you need to up your practice game so your 95% match speed is fast enough to win
  • How Brian finally rigged a match at SUPS so he could win it
  • Plus! How to enter to win a spot in the TPC’s Multigun Bootcamp!
  • And more!

Brian’s Sponsors (and his notes):

Come train with Brian and Dave at the Tactical Performance Center!

Connect with Brian:

Instagram, Facebook

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  • Dave,
    I’ve just discovered your show, and enjoy the chat. I’ve become suddenly interested in the sponsor-shooter relationship, and listening to your conversation with Brian has gotten me thinking of how the two can work better together, as it’s an awkward relationship or at least appears to be. Brian’s position isn’t available to all people, yet that first hurdle keeps quite a few in my area from even competing.
    I look forward to keeping up with your show throughout the week, maybe an older entry of yours will mention this?
    Forrest Cooper

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