93: Knowledge for Your Sophomore Year in 3-Gun with Jason Hince

Jason Hince, frequently billed as “the 4th best shooter in Omaha” is our guest this week on the 3-Gun Show and we discuss the importance of mentoring in 3-Gun, how to prepare your gear for traveling to matches and how associating high-quality people with the sport is critical to its future.

Notable Topics in the Podcast:

  • Things you should know as a sophomore 3-Gunner when you think you know something
  • How to ship ammo and prevent yours from falling off a truck
  • Having the confidence to shoot in your sub-conscious mind and go faster
  • And more!

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Good times in Omaha:

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Jason’s Sponsors:

Wildlife Pursuit and their supportersProxibid Firearms Marketplace – Mrs. Hince – Hince’s Boss

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Thanks to Jason for being a great guest on The 3-Gun Show!

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