100: The Future of The 3-Gun Show – An Interview With Dave Hartman

The tables are turned in this special 100th episode of The 3-Gun Show and your Host Dave Hartman is in the hot seat! Tommy Thacker volunteered to conduct the interview in the Timney Triggers Mobile Command Center and you’ll learn how Dave started the podcast, witness the creation of The 3-Gun Show Live and hear a match travel story that might rival Episode 64’s tale…

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • Who the heck is Dave Hartman and where did he come from?
  • Where did the idea of The 3-Gun Show come from?
  • Plus! You can hear the genesis of the live commentary that we did at 3-Gun Nation Nationals
  • And More!

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2015 3-Gun Nation Nationals Commentary:

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Huge thank you to Tommy for volunteering to be the guest host of The 3-Gun Show and to interview me!


  • Jeffrey Jenkins says:

    Wow! Great show! I’d say one of my all time favorites! Thanks for the peek into your life. Your an amazing guy and, I’m sure an inspiration to many many of your listeners.
    I was lucky enough to be able to follow my dreams and have been able to create a great life for myself and my family. I see that in your future as well.
    I’ll keep listening. I’m ready for more episodes per week! Video would be fine but I currently fill a lot of hours with your podcast that I could not watch video.
    Congratulations on # 100!
    Cheers! DrExotic

  • Rich says:

    Finally got around to listening to this podcast (100) Wow! What a leap of faith for you to jump into this like you did. Not a lot of people, including me, have the guts nor freedom to do that. Good for you!
    In your podcast you asked for what your listeners want to see in the future. I believe that I have a different outside point of view compared to most of your listeners. In that I have never shot any match outside a few fun shoots. I would love to shoot 3 gun but it is not in my cards as of yet. BUT I do listen to most of your podcast as well as a few others like Steve Anderson, Shooters Mindset, Triangle Tactical, Max Michel, and the Shooters Summit just to name a few. I also dry fire a few times a week and would like to one day become a GM. I started shooting for the first time EVER with Andy Peterson 19 months ago. Awesome guy! Yes I just got into guns.
    Well enough about me. Getting to the point. I believe and know a ton of gun guys that would love to get into the sport but just are not able to right now, but we do listen to and follow the sport somewhat. I say somewhat because the sport is hard to follow what is actually going on. I like to watch Guns and Ammo as well as a few others to see matches on there, but they only give you a small short view of each match. I don’t believe that watching it live would be much fun for most of us either but someone needs to make it more of a spectator sport with drama and a lot more coverage. I like your idea of a stage leader board. That would be cool to see. Also it needs to be edited to filter out all of the down time in a match and give us a tour as if one was actually there. You guys are also correct in that it is the commentators that make or break a sport. They need to have a passion and excitement for it. Like you! One last thing. I really think that you need to get more into product reviews. Your most watched podcast for me and my friends, was the Shot Gun Showdown part 1 and part 2. It did sell 3 M2’s for Benelli between me and 2 other friends that I know of. We need more of product knowledge. Bullets, Gear, Guns, etc. I believe that if the gun manufactures start seeing that your show is selling for them… Well $$$ You get the Idea? I hope this helps you and that I get to meet you in person one day. Thanks for all that you do.
    Your loyal listener

    • Dave says:

      Rich it is great to have you listening to the show! Total leap of faith here but I know we have something good going and I’m pushing hard to make it work for the long term.
      I appreciate your feedback man and I’m going to take it seriously. You are one of many people to mention that you’d like to hear some other stuff in episodes- Match reviews, gear reviews, etc.
      I’m glad you picked up an M2 and love it!

      Good times!

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