107: Innovating in 2017 with 3GN Live’s Chad Adams

In the early days of 2017 we look at the year ahead with anticipation. Nowhere in 3-Gun are we seeing bigger advancements in match format and content delivery than with 3-Gun Nation. Chad Adams, VP and the voice of 3GN Live is on the podcast to discuss the expansion of the 3-Gun Nation Regional series to include the Pro Matches as well as the new digital content delivery plan.

Highlights Of The Podcast Include:

  • What was the biggest hit of the 2016 3GN Season?
  • How do one gun matches fit into the goal of growing the sport of 3-Gun?
  • What is a good way to practice for a 3-Gun Match?
  • And More!

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3GN Live – Sign up for the 3-Gun Nation Regional Series

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A big thank you to Chad for being on  The 3-Gun Show! Happy New Year!


  • charles@3GN says:

    Dave as always you hit home run…this episode is a great reveal of what 3-Gun Nation has in store for the competitive shooting community in 2017. This is a great place for folks to get the FACTS on what 3GN is doing to grow the game.

    And yes folks look for the 2017 EXTREME Shotgun Challenge with a proposed round count of 500 rounds. More Info on this one soon. Thanks DAVE!

  • One of the better shows! Chad and crew are bringing 3Gun (all 3 guns…ok 4th gun Long Range and 5th gun Pistol Cal Carbine) to the masses in every way that they can! Bravo to Chad, Pete, Rob, Charles and the crews that make each match an EVENT!

    Oh and you weren’t too bad yourself Mr. Hartman!


    • Dave says:

      Thank you Patrick!

      Great to see the expansion of shooting opportunities as well as coverage. 🙂

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