116: 3GN Pro Series Event 3 Pre-Game with Adam Maxwell and Chris Cazin

Adam Maxwell and Chris Cazin join the 3-Gun Show podcast for a little Pre-Game 3-Gun Talk before the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Event 3 at the Southwestern Regional. We only talk about the Pro Match for a little bit, I was more interested in what was going on in Minnesota to be producing so many great shooters. Chris and Adam have unique views on matches and what a new one can bring to the table and they are always experimenting to cram the most shooting into their short summers.

Highlights Of The Podcast:

  • Why MN Shooters keep making progress when the weather goes bad
  • How to attract sponsors to your match by putting on a great match
  • Why you can tell where a shooter is from by their strong suit in a match
  • How to carry on the tradition of a well-respected match
  • Shooting in front of the hometown crowd
  • Plus! Our predictions for Event 3 of the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Matches
  • And more!

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