125: Pushing Through Pain and Burnout with Hunter Cayll

In this podcast Hunter Cayll and I catch up after a brief off-season and we find Hunter bright eyed and ready to rock his goals in 2018. If you’re not familiar with Hunter’s story, it’s pretty incredible. Hunter has been the subject of countless features including NRATV and many local news stories because he was born without hands and he competes at a very high level in 3-Gun. As you can hear in this podcast he doesn’t let anything hold him back… Except cleaning guns.

Important Topics from the Podcast:

  • Facing burnout during a long 3-Gun season
  • Conning your friends into cleaning your rifle for you
  • And what to expect from a special Nubbs edition of the Armalite 3-Gun Rifle
  • How to hit 1000 yard targets with a 14.5” .223 rifle
  • And more!

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