167: Hard as Hell MultiGun Series: The Rock Hard with Bruce Davidson

Kentucky 3-Gunner and match director of the Rock Hard Bruce Davidson is on the show to discuss the match and announce a partnership with several other matches to create the Hard as Hell Series and points race. Bruce has extensive experience in running events including the world’s largest “toy airplane” event, “The Bruce,” that he holds at his farm. Bruce tells us how he uses this experience to engage his shooters for the entire weekend including holding several side matches that raise funds for Mission 22.

We also cover Bruce’s background and introduction into the shooting sports, why he like’s the giant USPSA rule book and the rules that Bruce has eliminated from his own matches. Plus, what do you do when a Junior shooter gets a stage win on a stage called “PBR?”

On This Podcast You’ll Learn:

  • Why a match should be an engaging event
  • How to integrate your experience from other sporting disciplines into competitive shooting
  • Plus! An objective way to evaluate the value of a match
  • And more!

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Thank you to Bruce for being on The 3-Gun Show!

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