230: OG Practical Shooting | Jeff Cramblit


Jeff Cramblit is one of the OG’s of Practical Shooting and you’ll have to listen to the show to hear what Jeff says that means. 

When I started shooting, Cramblit was one of those names that was always attached to technique or methodology and it was great to have Jeff on the podcast to hear about the old days straight from the guy that lived them.

One fun part about this podcast is to hear how human all of our heroes are. We like to build them up in our minds and be nervous to talk to them or approach them at matches but right at the start Jeff tells the story of his gear setup for his first match and I know we can all relate to it.

Then we get into the origin of the Pro-Am, developing tactical advantages for our nation’s warriors and my favorite topic; silly-long shotgun magazine tubes. 


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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Jeff for being such an awesome guest on the podcast!

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