281: 2019 Breakout Open Shooter Jon Wiedell

After the dust settled on the 2019 3-Gun season I looked around at the folks that made an impact on each division of the game and decided to have them on the podcast to discuss their success in the multigun sports.

First up is Jon Wiedell, a junior shooter from Minnesota who has taken Open Division by storm and crushed all challengers.  I first met Jon at one of the 2A Heritage Junior Camps and he has developed rapidly as a shooter since then. 

In this podcast Jon and I discuss the road that has led him to where he is at, the great relationships that he has made along the way and his goals for 2020. 

And don’t worry, we definitely cover his practice regimen. 

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Jon for being an awesome guest on The 3-Gun Show!

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