301: Audience Q&A with Dave

This week’s podcast is an Audience Q&A! I figured after last week’s recommendation of new divisions and the great feedback that I got on the podcast format that I’d do another solo podcast and this time answer your questions. So I took to Instagram to round up some topics and picked several from the few dozen I received.

Listen in, I know you’ll like it!

The questions from the podcast are:


Favorite Rifle Shooting Platform?

AR of course!


How many Divisions are even necessary?

Three. Limited, Tac & Open.

For larger matches, add Lady Tac.

Heavy is cool at Texas 3-Gun.

No match should ever have 2×4. PCC ruins the game for everyone else.

And not all divisions should be in every match, you can dilute the competition with too many divisions.


16” barrel rifle or 18” barrel rifle?

I’ve run an 18” for a long time and really liked it.

Last year I ran a 14.5” prototype gun and it was fantastic, hit all targets I needed to at WY GOV match and went 1-for-1 at Gen3. 

In a couple weeks here I’m moving to a 16” rifle. So I’d have to say 16”.


I think 3-Gun should go to HF scoring. Thoughts?

I could get down with that. 

We’d have to change the way we present targets. Ex: ussl

We’d have to change the way we reset because of pasting and scoring.


When you and Forest “share a room”, who is big spoon?

Forest. Always. 

Otherwise I’d choke on his back hair.

And it makes me feel dangerous but safe at the same time.


3Gun recession due to waning interest/lack of organization or just bc of covid/ammo/etc?


3GN Carrying a lot of the water for the sport and bringing excitement.

They burned out a lot of sponsors, prize hunters left.

I think what we’re seeing is a market adjustment down to a natural level. 180 matches

What would you rather shoot? 12 matches with 100 competitors or 8 matches with 500 competitors.

The effects of COVID can’t be underestimated- 

  • People probably found they had a lot more money
  • Families been cooped up for a year so now hard to go shoot matches rather than family vaca
  • Life changes, people remember they have kids
  • Ammo- Is a good excuse. Reduce the number of matches they’re shooting. 1 match instead of 3


What could USPSA do in the rule set to win back Multigun?


For me it isn’t the ruleset, it is all the stories I’ve heard of RO’s being rude and DQ happy.
Remember this is customer service. RO’s show disdain for competitors = bad.

Pre-loading. Handling guns when not shooting.

For the large part, they don’t seem to care about 3-Gun. They lost the 3-Gun market because they had one match each year and one area match.

World Shoot selection is a mystery.

What can they do? Admit they didn’t care in the past but they want to focus on it going forward and reach out to existing matches to try and see if they can create a relationship.


Preferred loading method, strong hand or weak hand?

Guessing we’re talking shotgun here. 

I started shotgunning with the weak hand shuffle. 

When I went to twins, I used the method that James Casanova showed me, strong hand. reasons.

Then Andy Peterson made a really good argument for weak hand being faster, I thought about how I load everything else so I switched. Matches at that time.

Now I’ll say that if you load off a chest rig, strong hand makes a lot of sense. If you load off your belt, I say weak hand.

Look at the matches you shoot, look at your gear and figure it out.


Why the hate on angled fore grips?

Completely unnecessary. My wrist bends.

I like to run rifles slick.

Gets in the way when addressing shooting positions.

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