318: Members First with USPSA Pres. Candidate Matt Hopkins

Today we have USPSA Area 3 Director Matt Hopkins on the show to discuss his candidacy for USPSA President. Matt has a 6-point platform that is centered around creating a better organization that operates in the interests of all members.

Although a lot of us are also USPSA members, the most exciting piece to regular listeners of The 3-Gun Show podcast will be point number six which outlines a brighter future with more matches for 3-Gunners and long-gun enthusiasts plus a roadmap to IPSC World Shoots.

New Merch!

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3-Gun is long overdue for division updates to keep up with the times and I’ve proposed several gear changes in various podcasts including the 300th Episode. But all anyone ever hears is “red dots on pistols” so I’m leaning into it with this troll shirt.

Get yours today and annoy the grumpy old Fudds at your club match. Better yet, wear it at a major and spread the word.

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