45: Best 3Gun Rifle? The M-15 3GN w/ Nick Baele of Armalite

Nick Baele, Product Manager at Armalite had a brilliant plan to grab my attention at the 3 Gun Nation Nationals at USSA in Tulsa – he set out a bunch of killer new rifles and I was quickly drawn in. Nick was placed on the development team for the dedicated 3Gun rifles when Tommy Thacker took over as President so he is intimately familiar with them. We get special instructions for tuning the adjustable brake and a VIP rundown of all the features.

Highlights of this show include:

  • How to tune the Armalite tunable muzzle brake for your shooting style
  • Why the Armalite staff was hungry and ready for change when Tommy came on as President
  • Why the Armalite M-15 3GN might be the best AR for 3Gun competitions

Images & Vids Relevant to this Episode:

Nick Baele Armalite Armalite Raptor Charging Handle

Armalite M-15 3-Gun Rifle

“The M153GN’s are Armalite’s flagship competition rifles that are built to win. This carbine is compact, light, and ultra-fast. The low profile handguard covers a free-floating 13-in. barrel with Armalite’s own tunable muzzle brake pinned and welded to create a 16-in. barrel. An adjustable gas block also allows the rifle to be individually set for optimal performance.”
-Armalite Product Description

Want an M153GN of your own? sales@armalite.com

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A big thanks to Nick for explaining the M-15 3GN rifle series and the tunable muzzle brakes on The 3-Gun Show!

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