57: The Best 3Gun Shotgun

I put together a bracket and roped Mark Roth of RCI XRAIL into helping me narrow it down to the Best 3-Gun Shotgun. Who were the players and how did we do? Better listen to find out. If you disagree with any of our decisions leave a comment on the show’s facebook page to tell us why!

Key Moments in this Podcast:

  • Beretta 1301 vs. Stoeger M3000 – 3:10
  • Browning A5 vs. Mossberg 930 – 11:50
  • FN SLP vs. Remington VersaMax – 20:01
  • Winchester SX3 vs. Benelli M2 – 26:54
  • FN SLP vs. Stoeger M3000 – 33:00
  • BrowningA5 vs. Benelli M2 – 36:56
  • Finals 40:00

Photos of the Shenanigans:

2016-01-21 22.23.53Best 3Gun Shotgun

Todd Jarrett 3-Gun

The Finalists

The Showdown

Contributors to this podcast:

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when we reveal the winner!

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  • Rich says:

    I really liked this episode but it has left me with more questions than answers. First off I am “not married” as you put it, meaning that I do not have a shotgun nor have I ever owned one. So I am as neutral as Switzerland when it comes to brand loyalty. I am also as educated as your average Auzie when it comes to them as well. I want go get involved with 3 gun and am currently looking at getting a shotgun and Your pod cast has narrowed it down to a couple of shotguns that I am sure are in anyone’s top 3 shotguns for the sport but I have to ask myself if the cost of the top guns on your list are really worth the money they cost. Are they really that much better than the $600 gun’s?
    I think that you need to redo this podcast for us and rate them on what each gun would take to get it ready for the sport of 3 gun and how capable each gun would be after the add-on’s. Also please weight the cost of the guns a little heavier than you did for the new guys.
    Love your podcast. Keep keep them coming and maybe do a rifle showdown for us.

    • Dave says:

      I like where you’re head is at Rich. My thoughts on the topic are this: If you want to shoot 3Gun 2-3 times per month for a decade or will travel to a dozen matches each year then get a Benelli M2 3Gun. If you will shoot 3-Gun once a month at your local range for a couple years then the Stoeger M3K is the shotgun for you. In between those two is the FN SLP Competition. All three of those are 3Gun-Ready at various levels and you will enjoy each of them immensely. If the only thing you did to them was add a magazine extension, you’d be happy.

      A rifle showdown would be interesting for sure. We would have to start out with a bracket of 16 rifles and would need to shoot each of them back to back to decide. Good idea!

      Thanks for listening!

  • Ron says:

    This is BS they toss a coin who will win Between M3000 vs 1301 this review sucks

    • Dave says:

      Ah man, sorry you didn’t think the show was fun. Hope you enjoy the other podcasts!

    • gregg says:

      Agreed – terrible review – way too much senseless rambling and NOT organized whatsoever. No pre-planning went into this contest which lasts way too long due to its lack of structure. Dont waste your time listening unless you’re in prison and have LOTS of time on your hands – and a wifi connection.

  • Adam says:

    Hey, liked the podcast. I bought my 930 before I read on Enos forums that they are terrible and have been happy ever since. The 930 has more of two things than any other shotgun. First, Jams. And Secondly, owners who know nothing about breaking it down for cleaning.

    If you came here saying; “I’m new to 3-gun, and by that I mean I’ve never shot a match, and I thought you were going to be more scientific about it, and I wanted to know which shotgun is the best under every possible circumstance and situation, and I’d just buy a Benelli M2 but I can’t afford it, and I’m not going to go to a match until I can, even at the local level where some people on a budget shoot pumps, and I don’t know the difference between budget and beginner, and so you totally wasted my time. Also, I don’t own a pistol holster, do I need one or can I just use the plastic case the gun came in?”… If you came here saying that, you probably won’t like this podcast. Just a warning…

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