173: 3-Gun Optics Guide for Any Budget & Every Division with Dillen Easley & Jimmy Hamilton

Our buddy Dillen Easley is back on the podcast this week and we’re also joined by Jimmy Hamilton of Vortex Optics to discuss everything red dot and scope-related to help you choose the right optic for your practical shooting adventures. Dillen is no stranger to all the 3-Gun divisions and he runs us down the requirements of each and tosses in some pro tips and best practices. Then we get Jimmy to run down the range of scopes, prisms, holographics and red dots available from Vortex by price point. If you are optic shopping you are guaranteed to find something for your budget here.

Plus we also talk about:

  • Flickable guns – short barrel AR’s in competition and why they may be for you
  • Why Dillen recommends shooting multigun at 1x first and adding magnification
  • What is the Phoenix Trinity Honcho?
  • And how did the Vortex Optics Pizza Oven get so popular?

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