240: An Awesome Thing If You Can Find It

For this week’s podcast I snagged accomplished 3-Gunners and industry professionals Reuben Aleckson and Adam Maxwell to review several of the questions that come up on the Facebook groups quite often and a couple topics I found on Instagram.

Today’s topics are:

  • Island vs Sight block barrels
  • Belt Setup
  • Rifle setup for 3-Gun
  • Why we don’t have spectators at 3-gun matches

Also I have an important question for you at the beginning of this episode so let me know what you think and then sit back and enjoy the show!

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Thanks for listening! Thank you to Reuben and AMax for being great guests on the podcast!


  • Bane says:

    There is one other thing about island barrel design that is not mentioned (unless I overheard it). Recess in the slide and island on the barrel, when properly done, ensure that slide (and effectively your rear sight) are aligned the same way each time, increasing accuracy. Same thing can be achieved with bull barrel or barrel bushing, this is one other way to do it.

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